Better Lawns with SumaGreen Turf

Mitch Carlson, lawn care specialist and owner of Green Core Organics, has been using SumaGreen Turf to improve the lawns of his customers this year. He says the results have been amazing. One customer, who, according to the neighbors had the worst yard in the neighborhood, began using SumaGreen Turf instead of chemical fertilizers. This customer does not have an irrigation system, and he does minimal watering each year. His yard has been completely transformed and his neighbors now tell him he has one of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood! See the results here…

Healthy Fields | SumaGreen Microbial Soil Enhancer

Benefits of using SumaGreen Turf…

  • easy to apply
  • low cost vs. chemical fertilizers
  • healthier, fuller lawn with deeper root structure
  • more water retention with less runoff

Click here to view the Green Core Organics website.

For more information about how you can improve your lawn with SumaGreen products, contact:

Kevin Fields

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