Better Produce

I just wanted to pass this email on that I got from a customer in North Dakota that was working with the SumaGreen Product this year. He used it on sweet corn and a verity of vegetables.  I just  copied the email as I got it so everyone can see that the product inspired this email with having a happy customer. He shared info with me all through the growing season and he found that not only did he have better tomato’s in size but they were tasting better as well. He also had great results with his sweet corn, Great yield, and Great flavor. This is a photo of one of the tomato’s. This was done using organic practices, the customer is working to get organic certification.




(Kevin, I finally found something on the tomatoes that I grew they are a Polish Paste tomato they said their average weight at 5-8 ounces and this size I had tomatoes using SumaGreen and Sustane at 7 to 10 ounce tomato I did have several tomatoes go 11-12 ounces. Thought you should know I am going to talk to one of the farmers west of Garrison and tell him my results. Thank You  for a great product and have a great day. Arland)

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