ReeCourse for Fairways (OMRI Listed)
This is formulated for turf and lawn that receive high traffic and / or extreme stress and for areas where grass growth is inhibited by lack of sunlight.  ReeCourse products have thatch eating microbes to help further the lush green appearance that Golf Courses are looking for in their fairways.  This should be applied to the Fairways every other month.  This product will cut costs for owners by 30 – 50%  in fertilizing costs.



ReeCourse for Greens and Tees (OMRI Listed)
This is formulated for turf and lawn areas that receive high-traffic and/or extreme stress and for areas where grass growth is inhibited by lack of sunlight.  Helps increase the length of the root systems to be able to reach more water and survive the short cutting that greens experience.  Less burn out seen on the greens. This product will be applied monthly during the golf season and will save the average golf course between 30 – 50% in fertilizing maintenance costs.

ReeVerse Poa
This product is formulated to help reduce Poa Annua outbreak and help weaken the Poa while the grass around it gets strong enough to over take the Poa Annua to the point of it disappearing.   ReeVerse Poa will leave NO BROWN SPOTS and gradually the Poa will go away.   Treatment is as needed if you have a Poa outbreak.  ReeVerse Poa should be applied on to the Poa Annua every 10 days or until under control.   After several treatments you will wonder what happened to the Poa.

Here is an independent study done with ReeCourse by Turfgrass Disease Solutions, LLC, they tested the ReeCourse products to see how it performs next to a standard fertilizer treatment, they checked to see how the grass color looked between the different application methods. As you can see they had three different test methods 100% reduction of fertilizer using only the ReeCourse, 80% reduction of fertilizer along with the ReeCourse, and then the 100% standard fertilizer treatment. With the 80% reduction of fertilizer and ReeCourse compared to the 100% standard fertilizer treatment they didn’t see much of a difference in color of the grass. By reducing fertilizer 80% this is a cost savings for the course as well as safer for the employee to work with and safer for the environment.

SumaGreen ReeCourse Test Facility Results 12.2012