How biochar works

close up image of Biochar

How Biochar Works in Soil
micropores & adsorption
Nature’s Nano-technology

Plants are mostly water. Thus, their physical structure is mostly plumbing. Seen in a microscope, plant biomass looks like bundles of pipes, tubes and tunnels to move water around. Amid these stacked water channels are larger cavities, occupied by plant cells. Properly cooked at low temperatures, biochar’s physical structure preserves the smallest details of these microscopic pores.

close up of biochar 2





Why use Terra Char soil amendment?

• replenish soils depleted by over-farming
• crops grow larger and more bountiful
• improve soil structure; reduces run-off
• micropores retains nutrients & water
• reduce erosion, run-off & leaching
• increase & stabilize soil pH
• helps roots to absorb nutrients
• store & release Nitrogen & Phosphorus
• decrease mineral leaching • accelerate compost process
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• absorb odors from manure & compost
• aluminum toxicity less by increased pH
• micropores support beneficial microbes
• encourage large grazers like earthworms
• increase mycorrhizal fungi activiity
• aid in worms and soil fertility

Terra Char Characterization
Laboratory Analysis
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